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Dr. Krishna Doniparthi, MD

Dr. Krishna Doniparthi, MD

Triple Board Certified Family Medicine,
Functional Medicine, Bariatric Medicine

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Functional Medicine And Wellness Center

Helping you achieve balance in
health and life...

In our current state of nutrition and toxic-laden environment, our bodies take a lot of abuse. In fact, there are an infinite number of insults the body can endure, but the body's response to these insults are finite. The bodily response are symptoms. Unfortunately, our current understanding of these symptoms are mislabeled as a diagnosis.

The symptoms arise because the body organs evolve from a state of normal function to organ dysfunction. One can not correct symptoms until proper organ function is restored. This is why pharmaceutical medications do not "cure" medical conditions, as they do not always improve organ dysfunction.

Find out more about organ dysfunction and how to improve your body.

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Corporate Wellness Program

Want to know how to get employees to be have better work productivity, use less sick time or improve their task concentration? These are just some of the things that corporate wellness programs can do for your company's staff. SomaNu can help with weight management programs that are easy to implement that result in improved morality and reduce health and sick leave costs.

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 l lost 6 inches and my clothes fit better after 6 treatments of Zerona. I have tried lots of weight loss programs and have been most satisfied with SomaNu. The place is well maintained, and very clean. The staff is great as well, great service.  

- Jean Y

 I did the Zerona Laser treatment at SomaNu and I lost 8.8 inches. I will recommend this treatment to everyone! The staff is very friendly and with great customer service.  

- Nilsa